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In Dire Need of Dental Assistance

DT started this conversation

Hello Reader,

I am in dire need of dental assistance. Despite healthy oral hygeine practices for the past decade or so I have had decaying teeth which I have not been able afford any work for. It's impossible to eat many types of food without great discomfort now and I have attempted numerous times to find assistance.
The matter seems to have now developed into a reactive phobia of sorts which affects my ability to effectively communicate orally, and above all is starting to greatly affect my ability to concentrate on tasks any time pain is present.

I'm an IT Specialist working toward my masters degree, but my situation is that of a downward spiral where I cant afford to fix this problem due to a lack of money, and cant seem to get a decent job because of my appearances.

I'm willing to trade any of a number of services in exchange for free or low-cost reconstructive work, preferably implants.
I'm educated and experienced in various areas of computers and technology including Web Design, Networking, PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting / Repair, Information Security, Billing and Accounting Systems, Server Systems, Programming, etc, etc, etc.
I am also willing to offer services outside of the IT scope, such as general labor, residential construction and business consultation, new business startups, electrical work, automotive repair (incl high-performance work), dog training, and photography.
I'm willing to do anything I'm knowledgeable and skilled in, really. Feel free to ask about other work I can do?

Any assistance either directly or by referral is GREATLY appreciated.


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 in response to patchiesgirl...   

Patchiesgirl and DT,

There are some free dental clinics that may be in your area that would be available to assist you. I would try googling or calling your local social assistance office to see what resources they have. I know in my area, the schools do dental evaluations for a couple dollars. Also, try the Salvation Army too.

If all else fails and dental insurance is too expensive or you can't qualify for it, then I would look into dental benefits. Feel free to contact me or go on my website to learn more about utilizing dental benefits which can save you a great deal of money on dental expenses. You may end up having to pay out of pocket anyway so why not save?

 Good luck!

T. Staten

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 in response to patchiesgirl...   


What city and state do you live in?? Then if I knew, I might be able to help you find a dentist for free. 

Take care

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I am in bad need of financial aid to get lots of dental work done. Is there any place to get that help. I am retired due to physical problems and my wife is disabled. We can't afford to do anything on our own. PLEASE HELP>

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